Paladino’s show Cancelled! :-(

Hey everyone,

We just heard that our show this Wednesday is cancelled! Paladino’s, the venue we were going to play at, is going through some major overhauls and cancelling shows.  We were so stoked to rock, but we’ll have to bottle it up for next time.  Sorry for the late notice, we just found out a few minutes ago.

To tide you over, how about a free song download?  It’s “The Book of Love” because we love you guys, our fans.

We’ll make it up to you and book another show right away!

The Conleys  


Club 705 and Gosh! Radio

Wow y’all, I’m tired this morning after last night’s show! I guess even when we go semi-acoustic we rock hard…that’s how The Conleys roll.

Anyway, we played in Hermosa Beach last night at Club 705. It was our second time playing there and it was so much fun! It feels like such a small, intimate space but actually has plenty of room. We’re gonna try to play there more, and bring the full band.

For the set we busted out lots of favs but also some new songs and lots of new arrangements since we were sans drummer. Everyone seemed to really respond to the new stuff, and for me that’s so awesome because positive feedback on new work is so meaningful–like a little Christmas present. Here’s the set:

-Racin’ the Sun
-How the Juggler Stole My Heart
-A Song From Christian’s Room
-Simply Irresistible
-Living Blue
-Naked As We Came
-Change Bag
-Movement On Both Sides
-Grow Me A Man

Long set, ehh? We love it! Lots of time to try new stuff!

Oh,and did you all see that Nick and I did an internet radio show last Saturday! It’s Gosh! Radio’s Meet the Music series, and if you missed it live you can still stream it on their site, or here:

We had such a great time taking calls, talking music, fun facts, song theories, and even Katy Perry with Gosh! Radio’s Gabrielle Pantera at our favorite studio Melrose Music. They played some tracks from our record, Folk Noir, but we did an exclusive, unreleased acoustic live version of our new song, “Roar.” I wish I could start every Saturday that way! Check it out!

Thanks for all the support and love at the show and online! Here’s hoping your Holidays don’t devolve into inpromptu Festivus celebrations!

The Conleys