Sarah joins the ‘Call Me Maybe” meme (with a little help from her friends)

Hey, I just met you (not really, unless this is your first time at The Conleys blog), and this is crazy, but check out our take on the “Call Me Maybe” video craze:

Sarah spent some time off at work with some friends (4-ton friends), and did this cute take on Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Call Me Maybe.” Come on, you know it’s the cutest one you’ve seen—absolutely worth listening to the song one more time!



Paladino’s show Cancelled! :-(

Hey everyone,

We just heard that our show this Wednesday is cancelled! Paladino’s, the venue we were going to play at, is going through some major overhauls and cancelling shows.  We were so stoked to rock, but we’ll have to bottle it up for next time.  Sorry for the late notice, we just found out a few minutes ago.

To tide you over, how about a free song download?  It’s “The Book of Love” because we love you guys, our fans.

We’ll make it up to you and book another show right away!

The Conleys  

Roar! The Conleys!

The Conleys are going to Rock and Roar through the valley on March 21st at Paladino’s! We are so excited to be back there, it’s such a great place to see (and hear!) a band! Plus, we’ve been dusting off some old tunes and new tunes and unreleased tunes.

Top 5 Reasons why you should come to this The Conleys show:
5. Banter. ’nuff said.
4. Have you seen this kick-ass flyer? That lion is ready to rock!
3. What do you get when you combine punk, Will Ferrell, & Nick? Nick’s awesome new cover song!
2. Where else can you hear songs about lion tamers, magicians, and jugglers?
1. We want to rock with you!

Maybe there’ll be left over green beer for half-price, you never know what’ll happen! Last time there was cake.

BTW if you haven’t checked out our demo cover of “The Book of Love”, click on this post to check it out!

The Conleys

Rainy Day Albums

I don’t know about you all, but when it’s rainy I have go-to records that seem to complement to weather for me. No mixes, no skipping around, one record from start to finish…a little meditation with the rain. Here are mine:

1. Joni Mitchell–Blue
2. Elliott Smith–Either/Or
3. Sunday in the Park with George Broadway Sountrack
4. Neko Case–Fox Confessor Brings the Flood
5. Patty Griffin–1000 Kisses

Possible new entry: The Civil Wars–Barton Hollow

What are your rainy day records?


Can we just discuss the greatness of Madonna for a minute? If you watched the Super Bowl Halftime show and didn’t think, “Damn this lady is a great showman/show-woman” (without the slash and hyphen of course) then you should skip this post and hold your breath waiting for an invitation to tea with the increasingly bitter Elton John. For those of you still here, OMG Madonna is amazing! In the interest of full disclosure I’ve seen her live in her last 4 tours, and it’s always a cause for celebration, a literal Holiday. Today’s halftime show was really something else. Let me highlight some incredible points of her performance:

-Being carried in like Cleopatra, Madonna made the best entrance to the stage of any Super Bowl performer I can think of.

-Unlike past years, Madonna’s show was designed for an aerial view–taking into account the way most people will see the show (not as a stage show but from severe angles above the stage).

-Let’s talk more about the stage. All those stairs! Under less pressure than a Super Bowl Halftime show performers have tripped on stairs they’re on every night (look on youtube for trips from the Jonas Brothers, Rihanna, Lady Gaga, etc). Moreover with all those dancers moving around, that stage was bouncing making taking stairs that much more difficult. And Madonna did it all in heels.

-Did you see those dancers? Talk about skill–that bounding rope act (where the guy bounces on what looks like a strap) was incredible and long overdue for a resurgence.

-The quick semi-acapella samples of “Open Your Heart” and “Express Yourself” worked as teasers to amp up the audience and build anticipation so when the opening notes of “Like A Prayer” started people had no option but to lose control and scream.

-Having Cee-Lo Green sing the virtuosic gospel part in “Like A Prayer” was genius. Normally this is done by her most badass female backup singer but switching it to a male voice, and someone as charismatic as Cee-Lo, was a great way to get even more punch out of a great moment.

-The rising platform she and Cee-Lo stood on was incredibly dangerous and ballsy. They were not tied down, tethered, or strapped on. There wasn’t even a pole or handle sticking up for them to hold on to for stabilization. Ballsy.

Overall (and I know I’m biased) I think this could be the best halftime show ever, rivaling and beating that of Michael Jackson. I can’t wait to see what new catty remarks Elton comes out with. Perhaps I’ll celebrate with Madonna by buying tickets to her next tour.

Free Download to Celebrate Nick’s Wedding

Hey Folkers! (is that a good name for you btw? should we have a vote on this? I digress…)

Brother and co-founder of The Conleys, Nick Conley, got married last weekend! He married his girlfriend Amy in a butterfly grove near Santa Barbara, CA. Amy and Nick picked The Magnetic Fields song “The Book of Love” as their song, so The Conleys did an unmastered home demo of it. Wedding guests were given the free song download as a party favor.

It’s only right we share it with our music family. So here you go, don’t judge…just love.
The Book of Love (cover demo) by The Conleys


Hey all!  I was trying to dig out some Conleys timeline stuff and came across this article from UCLA’s Daily Bruin newspaper from 2005.  This was written before The Conleys even existed in its current name form.  But it was written by one of our favorite music bloggers–David Greenwald who now runs/edits/writes Rawkblog (  Anyway you should all check out this article, back when it was in print form they even used my picture:

Happy New Year btw!


Club 705 and Gosh! Radio

Wow y’all, I’m tired this morning after last night’s show! I guess even when we go semi-acoustic we rock hard…that’s how The Conleys roll.

Anyway, we played in Hermosa Beach last night at Club 705. It was our second time playing there and it was so much fun! It feels like such a small, intimate space but actually has plenty of room. We’re gonna try to play there more, and bring the full band.

For the set we busted out lots of favs but also some new songs and lots of new arrangements since we were sans drummer. Everyone seemed to really respond to the new stuff, and for me that’s so awesome because positive feedback on new work is so meaningful–like a little Christmas present. Here’s the set:

-Racin’ the Sun
-How the Juggler Stole My Heart
-A Song From Christian’s Room
-Simply Irresistible
-Living Blue
-Naked As We Came
-Change Bag
-Movement On Both Sides
-Grow Me A Man

Long set, ehh? We love it! Lots of time to try new stuff!

Oh,and did you all see that Nick and I did an internet radio show last Saturday! It’s Gosh! Radio’s Meet the Music series, and if you missed it live you can still stream it on their site, or here:

We had such a great time taking calls, talking music, fun facts, song theories, and even Katy Perry with Gosh! Radio’s Gabrielle Pantera at our favorite studio Melrose Music. They played some tracks from our record, Folk Noir, but we did an exclusive, unreleased acoustic live version of our new song, “Roar.” I wish I could start every Saturday that way! Check it out!

Thanks for all the support and love at the show and online! Here’s hoping your Holidays don’t devolve into inpromptu Festivus celebrations!

The Conleys

The Conleys on the Radio! and Live!

Hey Everyone,

We here at Team Conley are finishing off 2011 with a serious bang! We’ve got a lot lined up all before the holidays, and we promise there’ll be not a single jingle bell. We had so much fun playing in Hermosa Beach at that last minute show we decided to do it all over again. We’ve got a Thursday* night full set just like before and also a short set for a charity event on a Sunday**.

Thursday, December 8th—8pm
Club 705
705 Pier Avenue
Hermosa Beach, CA 90254
*semi-acoustic hour long set

Sunday, December 11th–set time TBA
Club 705
Hermosa Beach
**20-30 minute short set

Both nights are free and ages 21 and over. Plus, they are your only chance to get an official The Conleys Guitar String Bracelet before the holidays—they make great stocking stuffers!

Perhaps the most exciting news is that Nick and I, as the official Conleys in The Conleys, will be on the Gosh!Radio Meet the Music Internet Radio Show THIS SATURDAY at 10am! They will be playing a few tracks from our album as well as interviewing us. The best part is that it’s a call-in show, so you can call in from 10-11am PST and ask us questions (or just shower praises, we’ll leave it up to you). To talk to us while you sit your coffee this Saturday morning just call 559-546-1700 and enter code 472737. You can also watch it live HERE.
We are so excited!

We can’t wait to see you, talk to you, and spread some musical cheer!
The Conleys