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Sarah joins the ‘Call Me Maybe” meme (with a little help from her friends)

Hey, I just met you (not really, unless this is your first time at The Conleys blog), and this is crazy, but check out our take on the “Call Me Maybe” video craze:

Sarah spent some time off at work with some friends (4-ton friends), and did this cute take on Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Call Me Maybe.” Come on, you know it’s the cutest one you’ve seen—absolutely worth listening to the song one more time!



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Brofucious [bro-fyoo-shuhs] is a dude like no other. He has collected Bro Wisdom from throughout the ages (a la Confucius) and chosen to codify it in our generation’s marmoreal form: the blog. Dudes and ladies alike can now learn the relationship rules that exist but have yet to be written down. He’s a cultural anthropologist with a specialization in awesome. Sit down and learn from him.

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