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Paladino’s show Cancelled! :-(

Hey everyone,

We just heard that our show this Wednesday is cancelled! Paladino’s, the venue we were going to play at, is going through some major overhauls and cancelling shows.  We were so stoked to rock, but we’ll have to bottle it up for next time.  Sorry for the late notice, we just found out a few minutes ago.

To tide you over, how about a free song download?  It’s “The Book of Love” because we love you guys, our fans.

We’ll make it up to you and book another show right away!

The Conleys  


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Brofucious [bro-fyoo-shuhs] is a dude like no other. He has collected Bro Wisdom from throughout the ages (a la Confucius) and chosen to codify it in our generation’s marmoreal form: the blog. Dudes and ladies alike can now learn the relationship rules that exist but have yet to be written down. He’s a cultural anthropologist with a specialization in awesome. Sit down and learn from him.

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