Paladino’s show Cancelled! :-(

Hey everyone,

We just heard that our show this Wednesday is cancelled! Paladino’s, the venue we were going to play at, is going through some major overhauls and cancelling shows.  We were so stoked to rock, but we’ll have to bottle it up for next time.  Sorry for the late notice, we just found out a few minutes ago.

To tide you over, how about a free song download?  It’s “The Book of Love” because we love you guys, our fans.

We’ll make it up to you and book another show right away!

The Conleys  


Roar! The Conleys!

The Conleys are going to Rock and Roar through the valley on March 21st at Paladino’s! We are so excited to be back there, it’s such a great place to see (and hear!) a band! Plus, we’ve been dusting off some old tunes and new tunes and unreleased tunes.

Top 5 Reasons why you should come to this The Conleys show:
5. Banter. ’nuff said.
4. Have you seen this kick-ass flyer? That lion is ready to rock!
3. What do you get when you combine punk, Will Ferrell, & Nick? Nick’s awesome new cover song!
2. Where else can you hear songs about lion tamers, magicians, and jugglers?
1. We want to rock with you!

Maybe there’ll be left over green beer for half-price, you never know what’ll happen! Last time there was cake.

BTW if you haven’t checked out our demo cover of “The Book of Love”, click on this post to check it out!

The Conleys