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Rainy Day Albums

I don’t know about you all, but when it’s rainy I have go-to records that seem to complement to weather for me. No mixes, no skipping around, one record from start to finish…a little meditation with the rain. Here are mine:

1. Joni Mitchell–Blue
2. Elliott Smith–Either/Or
3. Sunday in the Park with George Broadway Sountrack
4. Neko Case–Fox Confessor Brings the Flood
5. Patty Griffin–1000 Kisses

Possible new entry: The Civil Wars–Barton Hollow

What are your rainy day records?


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Brofucious [bro-fyoo-shuhs] is a dude like no other. He has collected Bro Wisdom from throughout the ages (a la Confucius) and chosen to codify it in our generation’s marmoreal form: the blog. Dudes and ladies alike can now learn the relationship rules that exist but have yet to be written down. He’s a cultural anthropologist with a specialization in awesome. Sit down and learn from him.

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