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Hey all!  I was trying to dig out some Conleys timeline stuff and came across this article from UCLA’s Daily Bruin newspaper from 2005.  This was written before The Conleys even existed in its current name form.  But it was written by one of our favorite music bloggers–David Greenwald who now runs/edits/writes Rawkblog (  Anyway you should all check out this article, back when it was in print form they even used my picture:

Happy New Year btw!



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Brofucious [bro-fyoo-shuhs] is a dude like no other. He has collected Bro Wisdom from throughout the ages (a la Confucius) and chosen to codify it in our generation’s marmoreal form: the blog. Dudes and ladies alike can now learn the relationship rules that exist but have yet to be written down. He’s a cultural anthropologist with a specialization in awesome. Sit down and learn from him.

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