Free Download to Celebrate Nick’s Wedding

Hey Folkers! (is that a good name for you btw? should we have a vote on this? I digress…)

Brother and co-founder of The Conleys, Nick Conley, got married last weekend! He married his girlfriend Amy in a butterfly grove near Santa Barbara, CA. Amy and Nick picked The Magnetic Fields song “The Book of Love” as their song, so The Conleys did an unmastered home demo of it. Wedding guests were given the free song download as a party favor.

It’s only right we share it with our music family. So here you go, don’t judge…just love.
The Book of Love (cover demo) by The Conleys



Hey all!  I was trying to dig out some Conleys timeline stuff and came across this article from UCLA’s Daily Bruin newspaper from 2005.  This was written before The Conleys even existed in its current name form.  But it was written by one of our favorite music bloggers–David Greenwald who now runs/edits/writes Rawkblog (  Anyway you should all check out this article, back when it was in print form they even used my picture:

Happy New Year btw!