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The Conleys on the Radio! and Live!

Hey Everyone,

We here at Team Conley are finishing off 2011 with a serious bang! We’ve got a lot lined up all before the holidays, and we promise there’ll be not a single jingle bell. We had so much fun playing in Hermosa Beach at that last minute show we decided to do it all over again. We’ve got a Thursday* night full set just like before and also a short set for a charity event on a Sunday**.

Thursday, December 8th—8pm
Club 705
705 Pier Avenue
Hermosa Beach, CA 90254
*semi-acoustic hour long set

Sunday, December 11th–set time TBA
Club 705
Hermosa Beach
**20-30 minute short set

Both nights are free and ages 21 and over. Plus, they are your only chance to get an official The Conleys Guitar String Bracelet before the holidays—they make great stocking stuffers!

Perhaps the most exciting news is that Nick and I, as the official Conleys in The Conleys, will be on the Gosh!Radio Meet the Music Internet Radio Show THIS SATURDAY at 10am! They will be playing a few tracks from our album as well as interviewing us. The best part is that it’s a call-in show, so you can call in from 10-11am PST and ask us questions (or just shower praises, we’ll leave it up to you). To talk to us while you sit your coffee this Saturday morning just call 559-546-1700 and enter code 472737. You can also watch it live HERE.
We are so excited!

We can’t wait to see you, talk to you, and spread some musical cheer!
The Conleys


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2 responses to “The Conleys on the Radio! and Live!

  1. Amanda W. ⋅

    Hey Sarah, I didn’t even know you guys were in Hermosa recently! I have never seen you play so I’ll be looking forward to next Thurs.

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