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Acoustic goodness with an ocean breeze

Hey all,

So Nick, Julie, and I played a stripped down show last night at a cool club in Hermosa Beach last night. It was late notice and supposed to be singer/songwritery so we took it as a chance to play around with some old and new material in a laid back setting. Before the Honorary Conley Band had us rockin’ until the sun came up over Santa Monica Boulevard, Nick and I used to play acoustic sets all the time. Last night had us thinking back to those days, so we busted out some super oldies.

Set list:
1. How the Juggler Stole My Heart
2. Roar
3. Falling Over You
4. Lee Shore (CSNY cover)
5. Traffic
6. Christian’s Room
7. Naked As We Came (Iron & Wine cover)
8. Living Blue
9. Hyper-Ballad (Bjork)
10. Diminished
11. Simply Irresistible (Robert Palmer)
12. Windowsills
13. Lights Across the Canyon
14. Movement On Both Sides
–encore (whoa…yeah…killer)
15. Grow Me A Man

Seriously, if people weren’t sick of us after all that I have no idea where their minds went. We had a great time! “Lee Shore” is a song I used to play when I took guitar lessons in high school and Julie threw it out one day not knowing I knew it, so I started playing it and it was resurrected.

Last night was also the performance debut of a new original, “Living Blue.” We’ve been tossing that one around the band a little and I think the official version will end up being closer to what we did last night than a full on production. Sometimes sad songs just need to be simple.

We also dusted off Nick’s genius cover of “Simply Irresistible” as well as a brand new cover (and debut) of Iron & Wine’s “Naked As We Came.” It’s such a pretty song, but also pretty sad. I think when we were brainstorming the set winter was starting to get to us because we filled it with songs about: feeling numb, ripping your heart out, spreading your lover’s ashes, depression, throwing yourself off a cliff, and death. But we ended it with one about throwing random stuff in a hole to grow the perfect mate, so it was optimistic overall, don’t you think? 😉

Lots of great friends came out to support, and my Mom even signed a couple CDs for people (which as Mom is her prerogative and adorable). Guitar string bracelets proved to be a big hit too–people buying for Christmas gifts perhaps?–sounds like a great idea to me.

We can’t wait to play more South Bay shows! ❤ & ::hugs:: to all who came out!


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