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Song for today: These Days
Versions to check out:
-by Jackson Browne (album: The Next Voice You Hear)
-covered by Mates of State (album: European Tour 2003 CD)
-covered by Elliott Smith (live bootleg)
-covered by Nico (album: Chelsea Girl)


Acoustic goodness with an ocean breeze

Hey all,

So Nick, Julie, and I played a stripped down show last night at a cool club in Hermosa Beach last night. It was late notice and supposed to be singer/songwritery so we took it as a chance to play around with some old and new material in a laid back setting. Before the Honorary Conley Band had us rockin’ until the sun came up over Santa Monica Boulevard, Nick and I used to play acoustic sets all the time. Last night had us thinking back to those days, so we busted out some super oldies.

Set list:
1. How the Juggler Stole My Heart
2. Roar
3. Falling Over You
4. Lee Shore (CSNY cover)
5. Traffic
6. Christian’s Room
7. Naked As We Came (Iron & Wine cover)
8. Living Blue
9. Hyper-Ballad (Bjork)
10. Diminished
11. Simply Irresistible (Robert Palmer)
12. Windowsills
13. Lights Across the Canyon
14. Movement On Both Sides
–encore (whoa…yeah…killer)
15. Grow Me A Man

Seriously, if people weren’t sick of us after all that I have no idea where their minds went. We had a great time! “Lee Shore” is a song I used to play when I took guitar lessons in high school and Julie threw it out one day not knowing I knew it, so I started playing it and it was resurrected.

Last night was also the performance debut of a new original, “Living Blue.” We’ve been tossing that one around the band a little and I think the official version will end up being closer to what we did last night than a full on production. Sometimes sad songs just need to be simple.

We also dusted off Nick’s genius cover of “Simply Irresistible” as well as a brand new cover (and debut) of Iron & Wine’s “Naked As We Came.” It’s such a pretty song, but also pretty sad. I think when we were brainstorming the set winter was starting to get to us because we filled it with songs about: feeling numb, ripping your heart out, spreading your lover’s ashes, depression, throwing yourself off a cliff, and death. But we ended it with one about throwing random stuff in a hole to grow the perfect mate, so it was optimistic overall, don’t you think? 😉

Lots of great friends came out to support, and my Mom even signed a couple CDs for people (which as Mom is her prerogative and adorable). Guitar string bracelets proved to be a big hit too–people buying for Christmas gifts perhaps?–sounds like a great idea to me.

We can’t wait to play more South Bay shows! ❤ & ::hugs:: to all who came out!

The Conleys Acoustic Show

Hey all!

We’ve got a last minute all acoustic show THIS THURSDAY in the South Bay! We’re going to do an hour-long set at Hermosa Beach’s Club 705. We’re super excited to play the beach cities and to bust out some of the acoustic goodness we started with (before we rocked all over town with the Honorary Conley Band). Never fear, we’ll have some Honorary Conleys there too!

This Thursday!
November 17, 2011
Club 705
705 Pier Avenue
Hermosa Beach, CA 90254.

We go on at 8pm sharp!

Come have a drink and let us coo musical nothings into your ears!

The Conleys

UPDATE: We just had an impromptu acoustic rehearsal to figure out the set list and we are busting out some brand new songs, and super old ones! Plus a new cover or two (including a new Nick song)! So excited to play stripped down, folk yeah harmonies! Folk Yeah!


While driving to yoga this morning I caught the live concert triple play of 100.3 The Sound’s Tom Petty block. Really reminded me how much he rocks. Then coming out of yoga they played a 3-song portion of a Crosby, Stills, & Nash (no Young I think) concert. Caught two songs, both versions I haven’t heard before, one of which was a great version of “Suite: Judy Blue Eyes” with killer audience participation. It really got to me for some reason. (Sidenote: CSNY’s 4-Way Street live album is in my Top 5 best live albums of all time list.) So i go home and google/itunes research and can’t find that live version anywhere. I end up emailing the station and it was part of a radio concert special distributed as promotion, not available for purchase/dl/etc. Super bummed. Guess I’ll have to float around looking for bootlegs, even though I don’t even know the name of the special.

It’s a good reminder that there’s really no substitute for seeing/hearing a band live ‘cuz “sometimes when you’re on you’re really fuckin’ on.”

Rockin’ & Roarin’

Hey so for those of you who didn’t make it out to the valley last week to the Paladino’s gig, here’s the top 5 reasons that show rocked:
5. Paladino’s has a big stage w/lots of room for dancing (and rocking)
4. Melodica, cowbell, and Bjork…’nuf said. (But not all at once.)
3. Did you see our effin’ amazing posters/flyers for this show? Well they are badass and were plastered all over the venue.
2. Paladino’s has great sound, acoustics, and a great sound guy (Phil)
1. Frank’s mom brought a sinfully delicious chocolate cake from Viktor Benes!

Seriously right? Makes it hard to beat. And honestly I think we love playing the valley, or at least Paladino’s. We made new friends, met up with long lost old friends, and again had a bang-up time playing! If we’ve got anything to say about it we’re gonna do it again. More shows=Happy band. That’s a real equation proven by real scientists. No seriously, would I lie to you?

Set list:
1. A Song from Christian’s Room
2. How the Juggler Stole My Heart
3. Grow Me A Man
4. Roar
5. Hyper-Ballad (Bjork cover)
6. Whole Wide World (Wreckless Eric cover)
7. Racin’ the Sun
8. Falling Over You
9. Windowsills
10. Movement on Both Sides

That was a lot of rock & roar. Can’t wait for some more.

The Conleys

Current song recommendations:
-The New Pornographers: Adventures in Solitude
-Best Coast: Fist City (cover on iTunes Session)